As Obi and Ruth were about to cross the Bridge connecting the nearby village built with Bamboo, Njoku who was about going to check his Palm trees in order to collect the evening round of Palm wine greeted . Although he was amazed when he saw a foreigner, he did not say anything.

Obi continued, ‘The law and order of the Universe shows that there must be a design and purpose behind it. To conclude that everything in the Universe happened by chance would violate its sequence. Though evolutionists may challenge the existence of God, but can a physicist visualise an electron? One thing is for sure and that is, if there is a book, then there must be a Publisher.

A building need not exist if there is no Architect. Just as the work of art needs an artist, the planets would not have existed without a Divine Maker. Who is able to place the starry host one by one with its magnificent light? But the Great Designer of the Universe! Psalm 14:1 of King James Version says ‘The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God; They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.’

Satan’s policy is deception. His steadfast purpose is to bring woe upon men, to defile the workmanship of God, to mar the divine purposes and by so doing cause grief in Heaven. He then blinds the minds of men, which causes them to throw back the blame of his work upon God, as if all the miseries were the result of the Creator’s ordination.’
Why is Satan so wicked that he is bent to destroy the works of God? Ruth asked, ‘The enemy only delight is the wretchedness of men.’ Obi answered. ———————To be continued.


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