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In this ground breaking work by debut author, K. Z. Obinna says, ‘‘Comfort is not without faith. The LORD has opened the door of faith to as many that were ordained for eternal life. For change and growth to happen, you must stand for the truth. To be able to endure sufferings, you need a Comforter.’’

This statement sets the stage for a work that is closely orthodox in its Christian theology, utilizing generous quotes from the King James Version of the Bible to undergird a variety of statements on the Christian faith.

K.Z. Obinna’s book is, at its heart, a pastoral message, meant to instruct and encourage the average Believer. The author sets out to succinctly provide basic foundations of Christian thought while encouraging the reader to seek out “comfort” through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

For instance, he advises with such statements as: “True comfort is not without being in fellowship of Christ sufferings and in pursuit of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.’’ Who is the Comforter provides a pragmatic guide for the faithful searching for significance and ultimate fulfilment in their lives.

Throughout the book, K. Z. Obinna addresses the fact that most people are seeking comfort through worldly means that are of only limited satisfaction. He attempts to instead turn people toward God as a source of meaning and direction in life.

Though theologically sound and pastoral in tone, K. Z. Obinna shares a message of empowerment, hoping to lead the reader away from destructive habit into a life of meaning and comfort, in a world filled with troubles and temptations.

Who is the Comforter teaches readers how to build their lives on the foundation of God’s Word. K. Z. Obinna explores ways in which we can seek out, acknowledge and apply this eternal truth to our lives, in turn bringing ourselves ever closer to God.

He teaches us that comfort does not come by living in the flesh, rather by living in the Spirit. He says, ‘’Life in the flesh is rebellious and stubborn and needs to be contained or suppressed by the Spirit of Christ in you.’’

With a keen focus on scripture, Who is the Comforter takes a scholarly view of its subject matter, which lends the book great clarity and force. He provides a modern approach to overcoming our depressive system.

This book is a must-read for all those who wish to satisfy the spiritual yearning in their heart and live life to the fullness.



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