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What Manner of Man is Jesus

Absence of virtues leaves the character ragged and marred. For that reason, genuine Christians view Jesus as a perfect model to be imitated. When we reflect on the love that Jesus has for mankind in general and for us as individuals, our hearts are touched and we feel compelled to follow His example.

People were amazed, not at what He says, but the manner in which He says it. He teaches them as one having authority and not as the scribes. There is something in His voice that thrills, a tone that they have never heard before. It is the note of authority, the note of strength.

The common people observed at once that Jesus manner was not the manner of the professional teacher of the land. They could offer no explanation for His genius, simply exclaiming, ‘What manner of man is this!’ It was because Jesus was different from all other men of His day and generation that He created a sensation which left the nation quivering.

People without character usually feel discontented, restless, bewildered and unsatisfied. They carry with them a consciousness of failure, and constant feeling of falling short of what they ought to be. Life in spite of their efforts is meagre and disappointing.

To be a champion in moral and spiritual authority, there are basic principles and character traits required. These traits are crucial to be attained in order to be sound and well balanced. Here comes ‘What manner of man is Jesus’ with a distinct portrait of excellence.

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  1. Lovely post!!! Truth is lovely and you have painted that portrait very beautifully!!!
    Thank You!!!
    May you be blessed!

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