Forgiveness the way forward

Forgiveness is a Balm

Forgiveness is a fragrance

Forgiveness is a king’s way

Forgiveness helps creativity

Forgiveness keeps you young

Forgiveness is a Winners mate

Forgiveness is the way forward

Forgiveness removes blockages

Forgiveness is not man pleasing

Forgiveness and joy heals cancer

Forgiveness is a way to greatness

Forgiveness says goodbye to ulcer

Forgiveness heals mental captivity

Forgiveness is not giving in to envy

Forgiveness is becoming a new man

Forgiveness is a Champions delicacy

Forgiveness is saying no to mediocrity

Forgiveness is saying, ‘Bye to yesterday’

Forgiveness says, ‘Find your mates Satan’

Forgiveness goes first and healing follows

Forgiveness delivers from spiritual attacks

Forgiveness says, ‘It’s okay to be different’

Forgiveness makes you a born again or baby again

Forgiveness brings out the aroma of your sweetness

Forgiveness is not being infected by others resentment

Forgiveness is not complaining about a reproach or gossip

Forgiveness opens your mind to revelation and inspiration

Forgiveness is not a handshake with the enemy but rather a goodbye

Forgiveness is an acceptance that you are perfect even with or without compliment

Forgiveness is letting go what is not rightfully yours and not giving up on what is rightfully yours

Forgiveness is letting go those who are not meant for you and accepting those who belong despite their faults

Forgiveness is an acceptance that you are wonderfully and fearfully made by God despite your mistakes and faults

Forgiveness is why Jesus came! But with God there is forgiveness that men may fear Him.


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5 Responses to FORGIVENESS!

  1. melwild says:

    These are so good…and so true! Thanks for sharing this. Blessings.

  2. Profoundly lovely post.Forgiveness,the power of healing.jalal

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