• Character building is better than reputation building
• Character originated from the Word of God that endures forever
• Reputation is fragile while character is stable
• Title cannot improve your character but rather expose the lack of it.
• God made His children Priests and Kings. What else can you add to it?
• God honours good character and abhors reputation
• The worldly systems is all about reputation
• Reputation building is abomination to God
• Reputation is acting. You can’t compare drama with vision
• Reputation is the enticement of the devil
• Character is the way to life
• Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
• Reputation building leads to emptiness while character is the strength of the soul
• The end of reputation building is shame
• Reputation building is fulfilling a purpose that is not of God
• Reputation building seems nice at the face value but the end is emptiness
• Reputation building does not bring fulfilment
• There is no contentment in reputation building
• Reputation is afraid of shame while good character is not
• The associate of reputation building is depression
• Reputation building leads to competition while character is contentment
• Reputation building leads to offence, hatred and murder but with character is love
• Reputation building says, ‘Let us.’ Like Tower of Babel
• Reputation is fake pregnancy but with character is fruitfulness
• Character is the image of God in you while reputation is of the devil
• Reputation was first sold in the Garden of Eden to Eve.
• The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is reputation
• The Word of God builds genuine character
• Character is accomplishing the will of God
• Educational enlightenment and progress does not promise good character
• The best education should be that of the Word of God
• You can still be of good character without a degree
• Reputation building is climbing ladder. Beware of climbing ladder. You can fall over.
• Character is becoming all that God wants you to be
• Character is the image of God
• The image of God is His Word
• The Word of God is Jesus Christ
• Good character is God in you
• Jesus made Himself of no reputation. He went about the Father’s business.
• It is not too late to change from reputation building to character building




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