• You may be anxious sometimes! You may be wondering whether God is aware of all that is happening. But I tell you the truth. It will all work out for good if you are of the Light, You will have the cause to smile someday and appreciate the works of God.

• I have found out that you cannot enjoy true joy without tasting bitterness. Jesus went to the Cross to show us the Way. Who is the cause of all this pain? The Devil. Why wouldn’t God deal with the Devil? Because He has an appointed time.

• God is still on His work of recreation. If you are called to be one of His Co-labourers, then put your hands on the Plough. All glory belongs to God but He still loves honouring His children. Not with multiple Titles or Medals as the Gentles.

• There is a saying in my place that goes like this, ‘If you never dreamt of being a Title Holder, in the day of your coronation, you will showcase it as never before to the extent of displaying it on the foot’. Pride is LET US while true confidence is LET GOD. God will surely destroy the works of the wicked.

• Yes! The Devil manipulates people but the Spirit of God is not far from us. Accept the finished work of Jesus Christ and don’t trust your own righteousness. Study the Scriptures with the help of the Holy Spirit in order to mature.

• There might be things to mourn about but God still forgives. Face the future with hope! ‘But there is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared’. – Psalm 130:4

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2 Responses to GOD FORGIVES

  1. Hi Kyrian ,its nice to hear from you.Blessings.jalMichael

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